Lip Enhancement

Fuller lips are often associated with youth and beauty. Fillers injected into the lips can accentuate the vermillion border, plump up thin or ageing lips, balance asymmetrical areas and if injected into the philtrim can lift the cupids bow. Also they are very moisturizing and can help to hydrate dry lips.

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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are popular treatments used to soften and plump wrinkles, facial lines and laughter lines caused naturally by ageing or sun exposure in older people. Once injected into an area, the filler instantly creates a smoother and more youthful appearance. In younger people dermal fillers can be used for contouring to create cheekbones and strong jawlines.

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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Anti-wrinkle injections, containing Botulinum Toxin A, commonly referred to as botox®, is the most popular cosmetic treatment available to delay  the signs of ageing. Botox has been used for over 20 years to combat lines and wrinkles. Botox is a brand name of one of the wrinkle reducing Botulinum Toxin A, others include Azzalure® & Boucouture.®

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Profhilo® is a revolutionary biomodelling treatment to correct skin laxity, restore firmness in the skin creating tightness and lift. It is not a dermal filler or mesotherapy nor a skin booster and is the first injectable hyaluronic acid specific for skin remodeling. There is no other product like it on the market and has won awards for its contribution to anti-ageing medicine.

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Skin Peels

A mesopeel is a pharmaceutical grade chemical peel. A chemical peel is a dermo-cosmetic procedurethat consists of provoking accelerated skin regeneration in a controlled manner through applicationof chemoexfoliation agents that are used to act on different layers of the skin.

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BioRePeel is an innovative, two phase MEDICAL ONLY peel with a biostimulating, revitalising and peeling action. Thanks it its exfoliating and keratolytic action it promotes cell turnover and profound stimulation to counter the effects of skin ageing and acne scarring. Its rich composition sets BioRePeelCl3 apart from its competitors. It is excellent in anti-ageing due to it containing all the essential amino acids and vitamins your skin needs. It also contains 35% TCA and GABA which is a muscle relaxant and thereby reduces lines/wrinkles. Furthermore the treatment is suitable for young skin during acute stages of acne, blackheads with recent or fresh scarring.

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Wow Fusion

WoW Fusion is the ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment improving the overall condition of your skin including hydration, texture, tone and structure to the skin. There are two combinations:

WoW Fusion & WoW Fusion medical which can be discussed at your consultation.

The Wow fusion is a unique needling device that allows the practitioner to make a skincare serum that is suitable for your skin condition.

The WoW Fusion and its cocktail can improve:

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Fat Disolving Injections

Desoface & Desbody ae the newest generation of products used for treatment called injection lipolysis or intralipotherapy(meaning fat dissolving).The Deso products contain the active ingredient called sodium deoxycholate which, once injected, breaks down stubborn pockets of fat. These fat dissolving injections are used for fat reduction, body contouring and inch loss.

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Tilapia Collagen Facial®

Using pure grade Tilapia collagen powder added to an amino acid based liquid, this highly potent mixture which is rich in type 1 & 3 collagen is comfortably placed into the lower skin cells using micro-needling. It is ideal for any type of skin especially acne suffers, ageing/sagging skin, lines & wrinkles, dry & greasy skins, sun damage, pigmentation and uneven skin tones. Results show it can increase collagen by 150%!  With its fast results, it promotes new skin cells, a tighter collagen network and minimizes fine lines and scar tissue.

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